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In what feels a little bit like a filled-out celebrity-themed Mad Libs game, headlines touted this weekend that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were spotted “packing on the P. A.” in the Netherlands at a pre–European Music Awards Kings of Leon concert. The somewhat unexpected pairing seems to be a recent development.(If not all of those proper nouns are registering for you, no worries: we’ve got you.)Turner is best known as Sansa Stark, older sister of Arya and Bran and vanquisher of Ramsay, on . The duo spent Halloween together, as they can be seen in the below Instagram shot together, as the two are situated side by side in this group shot, a telltale sign that something is The couple then attended a Kings of Leon concert together in Rotterdam on Saturday.Picture the scene: David Beckham stranded on a desert island.

“After being at Ciara’s wedding, I’m like, okay,” Hudson said.

capture exciting new footage that wouldn’t have previously been possible.

Developments include suction cameras, which can be attached to whales and sharks, “tow cams” that can ‘capture predatory fish and dolphins head-on’, and probe cameras capable of filming minute ocean life.

From wedding outfit regrets to the strength of his marriage to Victoria Beckham… ‘Their manager, Simon Fuller, was very protective over the girls, at the time he wanted to keep it quiet.

Every time I went on a date with her we would sit in a car park and talk.

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