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You need to understand your particular requirements.

There's a fundamental tension: One copy: consistency is easy, but if it happens to be down everybody is out of the water, and if people are remote then may pay horrid communication costs.

In fact any shell script can send a Discord chat message now. If you have coding skills QWMI is an excelent usecase and a good example which supports the enhanced JSON structure.

I'm following this official Jenkins guide in order to become familiar with the Jenkins Pipeline configuration.

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One of the steps there is to create a dumb slave and set it to "Launch slave agents via Java Web Start" but for some reason this option is missing from my configuration, the only other options I have are: I've made sure that In my case, the answer can be found in another question I asked in the same matter and it seems like the problem is in outdated Jenkins documentation.

Configure a standard Windows desktop to login a specific user automatically when windows start.Otherwise, the Jenkins slave won't have access to the Windows UI components (or in other words can not interact with the desktop). You need to have the UI components active and that is only if you have your jenkins client running under the same user then the user that is logged into the UI. It doesn't have a physical monitor connected to it.There is only one user under the windows slave, which is admin.This way nobody needs to physically log into the desktop.(see How to turn on automatic logon in Windows 7) You need to start the Jenkins slave within this user setting.

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