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Rather than making users fill out a lengthy form, Browder used a natural language interface to gather the data needed to fill out the form.

He then used IBM Watson’s Conversation service which helped him improve accuracy by 30%.

My mother never said that about any of the other things that I showed her.

She’d always say they were funny and then go off and do something else.

“It’s a very elegant version of the idea,” says von Ahn.

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In essence, it’s a chatbot, but one with the added “bonus” of having a body to go alongside the voice.

“At some point we had this idea, well, it would be really cool if they could pair up with a computer as opposed to a stranger,” says von Ahn, “because as far as we know, computers are not judging you yet.”He should know about how computers think.

In 2006, at age 28, van Ahn won a Mac Arthur fellowship, known colloquially as the “genius” grant, in part for his work on cryptography.

The company has launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo “to help you get past first base”.

The chatbots would be programmed to remember everything the human lover has said and done so that it can recall and respond appropriately – or inappropriately – whichever you wish.

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