Frankie from the saturdays who is she dating

In a move which won't endear her to many Frankie Bridge fans, Wayne Bridge's ex, Vanessa Perroncel, may be on course to join him in the Australian jungle.

Vanessa, who had an affair with Wayne's team mate John Terry, is reportedly set to join the cast as revenge for being kept in the dark about Wayne's decision to take part in the long-running ITV show.

You need people around you to say, 'Right, this is too much now,' and fortunately, I have that."As well as cutting back on partying and drinking, Vanessa has taken up exercise to sculpt her curves – and dropped a dress size in five months.

She said: "I have a trainer who gets me running, doing squats, lifting weights, and sometimes I feel like I can't breathe, it's so hard."Afterwards, though, I feel amazing and it's great when you start seeing the results.

The singer, who has been dating boyfriend Gary Salter since 2012, took part in Dry January, and only broke her alcohol-free diet with a single glass of wine.

In the past, Vanessa admitted to changing her party-heavy lifestyle after her Saturdays bandmates intervened. : "We're all very honest with one another and we will sit each other down and say, 'This is getting out of control'."If I hadn't had them, it would have been so easy to have gone off the rails and kept up the partying until it became a problem.

After staying with her bandmate for two weeks, Vanessa took it as a sign to quit her drinking – and has dramatically toned down her partying ways.In December 2016, she appeared in print advert for the luxury jewelry brand, Frankie Bridge’s first music album with S Club 8 was Together released in October 2002 via Polydor Records. Her first studio album with the girl band, The Saturdays was Chasing Lightsreleased in October 2008.They recorded a sale of 385,341 album copies in UK.The gloves could come off – until now she's refused many shows." Wayne is now married to Frankie of The Saturdays fame and shares two sons with the 27-year-old singer. The 24-year-old has opened up on her abuse of alcohol, which began in 2010 as she turned to the hectic celeb party circuit. Y., mainly because I didn’t want to be hassled by men and just wanted to drink."In this year, Vanessa was the only single girl in The Saturdays - so spent every night out on the town.

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